The Wolfpack

For wild women who don’t want to do business alone

You're a fierce woman on a mission to build a business that lights you up and gives you the freedom and purpose you've always longed for.

The problem?

You're flying solo, and the loneliness is killing you.

Sure, there's no shortage of online courses, Facebook groups or expensive masterminds, but every time you sign up hoping for connection, longing to find your people

You're left…

  • Swamped with information but starved of support
  • Feeling like you just don't fit in
  • Ashamed to ask for help because everyone seems so far ahead
  • Spammed by false friends secretly trying to sell you their 'opportunity.'

And all of this leads to a crisis of confidence and a crushing feeling you're just not cut out for this small business life.

But here's the truth

According to CEO magazine, the biggest killer of small business success isn't a lack of funding or knowledge…

It's isolation

If you want to make a go of things, you need to stop trying to figure things out alone and start running with a pack of women who'll have your back no matter what.

Find your people, and you'll find your confidence. And when you unleash your confidence, the sky's the limit.

That's why I created The Wolfpack, because when I found my people, my business started taking off, and my life expanded beyond my wildest dreams.

That's what I want for you


For years now, I’ve said that we women are not meant to be doing shit alone. Sure, time alone is great, but doing life-shit alone is not so great. 

Why? Because I know for myself when I'm in a group of women having generative, creative, deep, honest, and vulnerable conversations about the realness and messiness of life, that's when I feel most alive and well. That's the place where I can be bold and brave enough to share these wild and creative ideas. It's the place I'm able to become more curious. 

I want YOU to feel all of that as well.

More than anything else, my mission is to help as many women entrepreneurs as I possibly can bring their visions into the world because I know that when good women sell good things, EVERYONE wins.

This Wold Pack serves as a starting point to help you do just that.

The next session will launch in early mid-February 2023, meeting bi-weekly. 

No more boring networking. No more shallow Facebook groups.

Real connections. Real women. Real conversations. Real inspiration.

So you can stop doing it all alone (you were never meant to!)

This is a quick glimpse of what it will look like:

  • Being supported by like-minded women as you vision, build, think, wonder, and work on your business, together.
  • An intimate place to find your pack. Women that will grow alongside you, keep you accountable, in the game, motivated to keep going, a place to share what’s really going on inside.
  • A place to unleash your power, unite with other women, a place to wander off the path, and blaze a new one: together.

This is a safe, supportive, and valuable space intended to help you learn and grow alongside other strong women who want the same thing as you: to build fulfilling, wildly successful businesses - without ever feeling guilty for it.

This community is full of women who are... 

  • Serious badasses…with hearts of gold.

  • Come with me girls…rather than look at me girls.

  • Serious about what they do…but don’t take themselves too seriously.

  • Hungry for more… but know that peace and happiness matter most.

  • Strategic and smart…but unwilling to compromise on integrity

  • Loves a sprinkling of woo energy...think tarot cards, do not get all weird when we talk about "The Universe", and use intuition as a guide. 

If you think and feel and resonate with any of these visions, come help create the place you’ve always wanted for yourself. 

If you’re looking for the superstructure, the 17-page workbook with stacks of bonuses, this isn’t for you. 

This isn’t a shallow utopia. This isn’t a "how to scale your business to a million in 6 months" or a “How I quit my job and retired my husband in less than a year” bullshit that leaves many of us wondering… will I ever get there?  

This is for the wild women who are looking for their pack. This is for women who want to create what they want for themselves, together. 

This is for women who want to get uncomfortable. Who wants to go deep together. Who thrive with others.

To keep you accountable. To keep you showing up. To keep you rising up to be the very best version of yourself.

What's included:

  • 6 bi-weekly calls with the group plus connection in between calls
  • Private group chat to share, vision, build, think, wonder, do, and receive feedback
  • A weekly buddy for you to check in with, share with, vent with, co-conspire with, dream with, cry with, and laugh with. aka - building deep business friendships




A: The simple answer is MY PEOPLE. It’s not topic, niche, or income specific. The goal is simply to have a home on the internet for women who resonate with The Wolf Pack's mindset and vibe.


A: If you dig deep and you decide that The Wolf Pack is exactly what you're looking for, then you're signing up to attend all 8 sessions. If you know you will have to miss one, please contact Ami at sharing this info BEFORE the start of the first session. 


A: You’re welcome to do so, but do note that you will have an exercise to complete before joining our next call. 

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