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3 Step Blueprint 

An easy step-by-step blueprint for making consistent $1.5k/months so you can finally dream of kissing your 9-5 goodbye and turn your fledgling service based side-hustle into a cash-generating business.

without the confusion, overwhelm, and spending time you don't have to no avail.  

This guide will show you...

3 Must-Have Components 

  • Discover the 3 key "must have" components of a profitable service-based business (skip one of these and it doesn't work)

How to open wallets with your words

  • Identify the specific language your clients need to hear to buy
  • How to increase your sales strategically

The non-boring way to stay focused on bringing in results

  • How to know what to work on so you don’t get sucked into the Shiny-Object Syndrome vortex that kills most business dreams
  • A tangible and actionable process to keep you bringing clients in over and over again

You know this blueprint is for you if..

      • You're doing everything and you're not making the sales you require to be profitable enough to leave your 9-5
      • You're spending time and money (that you don't really have) on your business and you're still in the red with not much to show for it
  • You're consistently throwing spaghetti at the wall i.e. trying a multitude of various strategies and not getting results
  • You're yelling into the void and still not generating a profit

 You have your own business. You've been doing this for long enough. 

It's just that something isn't working.

Hi there! I’m Ami. I'm a business & mindset coach for fellow rebel-hearted Mamas.

I’ve spent the last 10 years, 3 businesses and shifting over 150 mindsets to understand what makes for a successful and not-so-successful business and life.

After having my babies, I struggled with the transition into motherhood. I wasn't a Mama who loved giving up her career to stay home with her kids, yet that is what I found myself doing. I lost my myself in my dedication to my family. 

I've reclaimed my voice, my purpose, and found my tribe. My goal is to make sure that other women don't lose themselves in their motherhood journey.  I help moms lead their best lives and find fulfillment both inside and outside of motherhood. 

My medium is through business mentoring. 

If you're like me, you want more for yourself.

I’ll help you turn your side hustle that is making less than $5/k month into a profitable and impactful business so you can replace your current 9-5 income. 

This allows you to break free to live the radical life you really want. Time with your family. Time for yourself. Time to make an impact in the world. 

It's not about doing what most business coaches suggest, which is focusing just on strategy or just on levelling up our energetics (although these are very important). 

It's about a combination of the above plus simplifying our processes, shifting our mindset, getting super focused, and building a foundation for unshakable and lasting success.

As for myself? I spent over ten years in senior leadership positions which allowed me to make a big impact in my local community -- but my true passion for helping people was calling me to do more.  My love affair with entrepreneurship began in 2012.

I’ve started my own award-winning, hands-on reskilling school and made many mistakes and had many wins. l  took those learnings and alongside my husband, applied them to building and scaling our million dollar electrical contracting company. 

And now I’m taking all this know-how and empowering fellow Mamas like you, who are turning the narrative of what it means to mother on its head. I’ve translated what I've learned through my years of experience and will guide you to building a successful and impactful business. 

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